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Avengerworld - The Avengers in Our Lives

Avengerworld - The Avengers in Our Lives is a book with an international cast of writers, so we thought it'd be fun to display photos of the book (and its writers and readers) in distinctive international locations.

We start off in Avengerland and from there, who knows?

If you'd like your photo added to this page and the Hidden Tiger Facebook page, just take one of you with your copy of the book at an interesting venue near where you live and send it to us at hidden.tiger.media@gmail.com.

Avengerland, England

Avengerworld editor Alan Hayes at Letchmore Heath
(seen in the episode Dead Man's Treasure)

Alys Hayes, Avengerworld writer, at the Edgwarebury Hotel, Elstree (seen in Wish You Were Here)

London, England

Kettering, England

Canterbury, England

Avengerworld writer Robert Fairclough with his nose in a good book!

Avengerworld writer Roy Bettridge
raises a toast

Tim Burrows discovers
the wonders of Avengerworld

Outer Avengerland, England

Avengerworld writer Joseph Lloyd at Monksbridge, Lower Sunbury (seen in What the Butler Saw)

...and also in Weston Green, near Esher, Surrey
(seen in the episode Traitor in Zebra)

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Austin, TX, USA

Avengerworld writer Piers Johnson at Sydney Harbour

Frank Hui, Avengerworld writer, in Austin,
the "live music capital of the world"

Chanzige, South Tanzania

Chanzige, South Tanzania

George Ubuyu, a teacher at Chanzige Primary School

One of the pupils at Chanzige Primary School

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