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Two Against the Underworld - The Collected Unauthorised Guide to The Avengers Series 1

Two Against the Underworld brings together eight years of research and combines and updates two previously published Hidden Tiger books (The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes and With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes) to tell the story of The Avengers from both sides of the camera, and is now further revised following the recovery of the episode Tunnel of Fear.

Authors Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes and Alys Hayes lift the lid on all 26 Series 1 episodes. Comprehensive chapters detail the narratives, often with script extracts, as well as the production, transmission and reception of each episode, and the talented personnel who were involved in making them.

The creation of The Avengers, the departure of Ian Hendry, the series' destiny, and the mystery of the missing episodes, are explored in a series of essays, each of which has been revisited to incorporate fresh information.

Avengers scriptwriter Roger Marshall and Neil Hendry, who runs his uncle Ian Hendry's official website, both contribute forewords to this volume. The book also boasts lavish black-and-white illustrations by artist Shaqui Le Vesconte and 70 pages of appendices that deal in depth with the unproduced episodes of Series 1, Keel and Steed's further adventures in the comic strip The Drug Pedlar and the novel Too Many Targets, and much more.

This title is available in these editions:
Deluxe Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Perfect Bound Paperback
EPUB ebook (not illustrated)
Kindle ebook (not illustrated)

228mm x 152mm - US Trade Size
592 pages - English language

Paperback ISBN 978-1-326-46626-8

Published 18th November 2015
Second edition (revised) 15th January 2017


This book is a combined, heavily revised version
of these two titles:


These books are now deleted, but if you wish to complete your collection just drop us a line at hidden.tiger.media@gmail.com

Paperback also available from

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